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Leather Sleeve Varsity Jackets

All hail the king.

  • Choose from our wide range of Varsity Jacket body fabric colours.
    Choose from our wide range of Letterman Jacket leather sleeve colours.
    Customise your own Class of 2014 designs with our range of awesome applications.
    Create your own custom stripe designs from a range of colours to make a truly original leavers jacket.
  • Customise your class of 2014 back design with our range of applications.
  • Add your own name to your jacket for the ultimate personalisation.
    Choose from 3 lining options. Light weight Satin lining, warm Quilted lining or add a custom design to your lining.

Creating Your Year 12 Jackets Is Easy

1. Choose your favourite style

1. Choose your favourite style

First you simply choose from our awesome range of custom Year 12 jumpers including Hoodies, Rugby Jumpers, Sweaters, Letterman Jackets, Varsity Cardigans and more.

2. Choose your custom colours

2. Choose your custom colours

Next you are free to completely customise the colours of your Year 12 jacket. All of our styles are 100% custom made so you can choose everything.

3. Create your own custom designs

3. Create your own custom designs

Now for the fun part... it's your chance to create your own unique Year 12 designs to add to your awesome custom jacket. Or our designers can give you a hand.

4. Kick back while we do the rest

4. Kick back while we do the rest

Finally, kick back and let us do all the rest. We will take you final design ideas and deliver you an awesome custom made Year 12 jacket that you will love for years.

Everything Can Be Customised

  • Genuine Leather

    Genuine Leather

    You simply cannot go past the first-class craftsmanship of our 100% genuine leather, beautifully constructed for exceptional strength, everlasting toughness and, of course, towering style. The leather varsity jacket is our #1.

  • Wool Blend Fabric

    Wool Blend Fabric

    Our superior wool blend of our letterman jacket is woven to offer you the very best of both worlds: exceptional warmth and serious durability, and for a long time to come.

  • 2x2 Ribbing

    2x2 Ribbing

    Add a sophisticated 2x2 polyester stitch to your own custom stripe design, bringing that stretchy yet form-fitting quality to your ribbing. Unique to our premium leavers jackets.

  • Add a nickname

    Add a nickname

    For an even longer-lasting impression, you simply can't go wrong with your personalised name crafted in our supreme, top-quality embroidery to make your leavers jumper perfect.

  • Embroidery


    The finishing touch to our finest Varsity jackets is always a crest, logo or emblem of supreme quality and standout style, making our expert embroidery a savvy choice.

  • Chenille Badge

    Chenille Badge

    The premier badge selection, our exclusive chenille is truly iconic for its timeless look and sophisticated finish. Only available on our premium Varsity and Letterman Jackets.

  • Felt Badge

    Felt Badge

    The fine quality, soft touch and instantly familiar appeal of our felt badge means there's almost no better way to show off your leavers letterman jacket design with pride.

  • Buttons


    Our coated copper press-stud varsity jacket buttons have way more than just polished good looks going their way: their high quality construction offers buttoned-up strength and endless durability, bar none.

  • Quilted Lining

    Quilted Lining

    Welcome winter with our supreme quilted leavers jacket lining, comprising a formidable, padded 100% polyester construction for both incredible warmth and unrivalled comfort.

  • Printed Lining

    Printed Lining

    Make your leavers jacket truly unique by adding a printed lining.

  • Satin Lining

    Satin Lining

    The intelligent construction of our satin lining makes it the go-to choice for any climate, striking the perfect balance between warmth and freewheeling, lightweight comfort. The perfect option for your leavers jumper.

Class of 2015 Varsity King

Year 12 Varsity Jackets were what the people wanted… Your quest was clear: search all the land to find that perfect custom Year 12 Jacket in Australia. The hopes of every Year 12 rested on your shoulders. Some said you’d never pull it off. On some nights, you almost believed them. But then you found this custom leather sleeve varsity jacket from Reform Clothing, one with the freedom to custom design your own way. And you just knew it was the grail you were looking for. So, you did what all great leaders do: you made the call, selected your custom Year 12 jacket designs and gave the order. And when those leavers letterman jackets arrived, your classmates gathered around in shock and awe. They said it couldn’t be done. But you did it. The Class of 2015 lifted you up onto their shoulders and rejoiced, for these were the finest year 12 varsity jackets anyone had ever seen. And as you looked across that sea of adoring faces, all wearing their Class of 2015 leavers varsity jackets, you knew it all began with that fateful moment when you chose Reform Clothing… If you want to know what it feels like to be king or queen, give us a call today.

Be Inspired, Design Your Own

Creating your own custom designs is easy Creating your own custom designs is easy Creating your own custom designs is easy

Creating your own custom designs is easy

  • 1.Get in touch with us and we'll do it for you.
  • 2.Send us your own original designs.
  • 3.Use the Design Lab to create your own.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

"I just want to thank everyone at Reform for all of the work that was put into the year 12 design for our leavers jackets. They were enormously well received and loved by all. The year 11 student who has taken over from me as head of the marching band is looking forward to putting in a new order for the jackets for the new recruits so I am sure you will be hearing from him soon!"
Stacey Quitzau The King's School
"Thank you so much for our year 12 leavers jumpers, they are perfect for this awful winter weather we're having! Love them to bits. For all your help along the way, thank you. It can be a daunting experience organising something like this but you guys make it so easy. I am sure the next year 12's will order their jumpers from Reform"
Olivia Dickinson Cummins Area School
"On behalf of the school community and myself more importantly, I would like to thank you for the huge effort you put into making all of this possible. I willl be recommending your business to the next year level and many more to come. Once again, thankyou so much our year 12 jumpers and designs are the best. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do."
Dominica Roebuck Mackillop Senior College

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Leather Sleeve Varsity Jackets