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Product Side Views

This section is used to view all the different sides of your product. For example: Front, back and inside view of a jacket. There are two ways to view the different product sides:

  1. Click on the arrows to the left and right of the product

  2. Click on the dots directly under the product.

NOTE: If you are viewing a reversible product you will see a front and back view for both sides of the product. There will also be additional information under the product to inform you what side you are viewing.


This section is used to add the fabric colors to your product design. Depending on the product you are designing there are multiple features to choose from:

  • Styles - Choosing a 'Style' allows you to change the sections of the product that you can apply colors to.

  • Patterns - Choose form a set of predefined 'Patterns' to add to your product and apply colors to. For example: Camo or Polka Dots etc

  • Colors - Choose from a wide range of colours that are pre defined based on what colours we have available in the specific product and fabric you are adding color you.


This section is used to add the artwork to your product.

  • Add Text - Type text, choose a font, alter text shape and size, rotate text, outline text, and change the text color.

  • Add Art - Browse our extensive clipart gallery.

  • Upload - Use this button to upload your own artwork into the Design Lab

  • Personalize - Input personalized names/numbers when you want each shirt to be personalized for each member of the group.


  • Save My Design - Use this button to 'Save' your design and receive an email with a link return to your design as it was when you clicked save.

  • Reset - Reset will clear all colors and artwork on your product and reset everything to white. This is a quick way to start again.

  • Undo - Use this to undo the last change you made.

  • Redo - Use this to redo the last thing that was removed from using 'Undo'.